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The Galician Town

Galician Town, a branch of the District Museum in Nowy Sącz, is a reconstruction of a fragment of small-town buildings. It includes a small market square and a frontage with a dozen or so houses. This quaint urban complex brings the atmosphere of small towns closer. The western frontage of the market is occupied by the town hall. The building with a slender tower and arcaded arcades is a replica of the unrealized seat of the authorities in Stary Sącz. The town hall performs representative, conference and hotel functions. On the ground floor there is a reception, a cafe and an exhibition hall; on the first floor there is a reading room and a spacious main hall. The top floor of the town hall is occupied by stylishly furnished guest rooms. Two bourgeois houses from Stary Sącz are adjacent to the town hall. In one, a photographic atelier and a watchmaker's workshop were set up; in the second house there is a potter's workshop. The building furthest to the west is a noble manor from Łososina Górna. The classicist building is a reconstruction of the original, which was completely destroyed in the 1970s. On the ground floor there is a specialist library with a rich book collection of the District Museum in Nowy Sącz. An inseparable element of the architecture of villages and small towns was - and still is - the fire station. In the reconstructed one in Miasteczko, you can see a variety of equipment: wagons, helmets, hooks, fire hoses and fire hoses. In the houses on the market square, among others, a souvenir shop and an antique shop, a workshop of a craftsman making wooden ornaments and toys, a dentist's, a retro-style pharmacy, a Jewish tailor's workshop, a pastry shop and a post office. A separate exhibition was devoted to non-professional sculptors and painters from Paszyn, a well-known center of folk art. The smell of cinnamon and coffee attracts visitors to the colonial shop, and in the barbershop you can see how the former barber worked. There is also an inn from Orawka by the Galician market square serving regional food. The Galician Town hosts numerous entertaining outdoor events, concerts and annual Christmas fairs. This place is favored by artists who willingly paint small-town architecture, and lovers of historic vehicles, meeting for over 10 years, at the end of July on the town square, as well as lovers of regional cuisine taking part in the event called Kociołek Galicyjskie.
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Roofed well and two low buildings behind

Practical information

  1. Opening hours
    May 1 - October 15
    Tuesday - Sunday
    10.00 - 18.00
    last entry at 17.00

    October 16 - April 30
    Tuesday - Sunday
    9.00 - 16.00
    last entry at 15.00

    The Galician Town is closed on Mondays, Holy Saturday, the first and second day of Easter, Corpus Christi, January 1 and 6, November 1, December 24, 25, 26.
  2. Next to Miasteczko Galicyjskie there is a free, spacious car park for cars and coaches.
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The town hall on the market square of a small town, on the cobblestone square

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Galician Town is a peculiar urban complex, illustrating the layout and functions of old towns in the crown land of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, but also a modern conference and accommodation center.

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