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Our harvest

The museum collects collections in particular in the field of:
1) history - collections covering material and spiritual traces of human activity; the main part of the collection are sandecjana, as well as items commemorating events and figures related to the history of the region, including documents, prints, postcards, photographs, maps, stamps related to the history of Nowy Sącz and the region
2) arts - works of visual arts (painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture), artistic craftsmanship and applied arts, which supplement the existing leading collections: old folk art, sacred art, guild art, courtly art, iconography, Judaica, modern and contemporary art , folk and non-professional art, including Nikifor's painting, folk sculpture of the Polish Carpathians and glass painting;
3) archeology - objects from excavations in the historical Nowy Sącz region and from the area culturally associated with it
4) ethnography - collections covering elements of the material, spiritual and social culture of nations and ethnographic groups living in the past and at present in the Polish Carpathians and Podkarpacie, in particular in the Sądecczyzna region
5) folk architecture and construction - collections of brick and wooden architecture and folk architecture, presented in the Sądecki Ethnographic Park
6) library collections - including the book collection collected in the field of bibliography.
A fragment of a painting from the museum's collection

Rules for sharing collections

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