Podegrodzie 525 (municipal library building)

Material culture Lachow Sadeckich

The Commune Center of Culture, functioning in the center of the Lachy Sadcekie area ,presents everyday equipment, folk art, costumes and objects related to the ritual of this ethnographic group.


Photographs by Wojciech Migacz

The remarkable achievement of the rural amateur photographer from Gostwica, who built the camera himself and at the beginning of the 20th century, documented the everyday life of Lachów villages and important events in Nowy Sącz – an invaluable documentary source for ethnographers and historians.


Archeology of  Podegrodzie and the area of Nowy Sacz

The exposition is reminiscent of the oldest history of this area, based on modest archeological collections and information boards – the left bank of the Dunajec was the predominant settlement of the area and the archaeological culture of Nowy Sacz.