Branch of the Sadecki Ethnographic Park

33-300 Nowy Sącz, Lwowska Street 226


Telephone number: 18 441 02 10 (fax: internal 105)

18 444 35 70

18 444 35 71

18 444 37 60

18 444 37 61

Cash register, information, internal 104

Administration, internal 106, 107

Historical-Archaeological Department, internal 156

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Inn / Galician Rooms internal 18 441 63 90

Arrival by public transport: (lines 25, 27 – Piątkowo direction)



May 1 – October 15

Tuesday – Sunday / 10 am -6 pm (last entrance to the exhibition at 5 pm)

Monday – closed

October 16 – April 30

Tuesday – Sunday / 9 am – 4 pm (last entry at 3 pm)

Monday – closed


Note! Due to the organization of the Galician Fair on August 27, 2017, 10 am – 6 pm an exhibition in the Galician Town will be available free.


The Galician town is closed: days after holidays, Easter, Corpus Christi, 1st and 6th January, 1st November, 25th and 26th December.


Visiting the interior exhibition:

normal – 7 zł

discounted – 5 zł

Walk through the town without visiting the interior – no fee

Ticket for 1 zł – see


The day free of fees for visiting the interior exhibition is Saturday (only visiting the interiors of the Galician Town. The remaining exhibition of the Sadecki Ethnographic Park according to the current price list).

In the case of organizing outdoor events, temporary exhibitions, concerts, meetings, conferences and other similar forms, ticket prices may vary on a different level and will be determined by the director of the museum.

You can buy tickets to the Sadecki Ethnographic Park in the Galician Town.

GALICIAN TOWN is a branch of the Sadecki Ethnographic Park. Reconstruction includes a small market square and a wall with several houses. The Galician town shows the nature of the former province of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the western part of the market is the town hall. The building with a slim tower and arcaded rooms is a replica of the headquarters of Nowy Sącz. Its construction began at the beginning of the 19th century, but after the fire it was never finished. The Town Hall has a representative, conference and hotel functions. On the ground floor there is a reception, a café and an exhibition room; On the first floor is a reading room and a large, equipped with multimedia main room. On the top floor there are 12 stylishly furnished guest rooms. Two town houses are next to the Town Hall. One was equipped with photographic studio and watchmaking workshop; In the second house there is a potter's workshop. The westernmost building is the noble manor house of Łososina Górna. From town hall is separated by a green herb with stone lanterns decorated with stylish lanterns. The classical building is a reconstruction of the original, which was completely destroyed in the 1970s. On the ground floor there is a specialist library of the District Museum in Nowy Sacz. In the attic there are guest rooms and offices. An inseparable element of the architecture of villages and small towns has been and still is - fire-station. There are various equipment in the Town: cars, helmets, tools, fire hoses. In the houses at the market were decorated: a souvenir shop and an antique shop, a workshop of a craftsman making wooden decorations and toys, a pharmacy in retro style, a Jewish tailor's studio, a confectioner's shop and a post office. A separate exhibition was devoted to the unprofessional sculptors and painters from Paszyna, a well-known folk arts center. The smell of cinnamon and coffee invites you to the colonial shop, and in the hairdressing salon you can see how old the barber worked. At the market there is inn serving food, i. the past meeting place of the locals of Orawka.


  • ul. Lwowska 226
    33-300 Nowy Sącz,

  • miasteczko[małpa]

  • 18 441 02 10 (fax: wew. 105)
    18 444 35 70